Evgeny Bobryshev recovering from successful operation!


In an incident on the opening lap of the second race of the MXGP of Italy, Evgeny Bobryshev was hit from behind in the third corner. His left leg took the impact, and he suffered a broken tibia and fibula.

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Evgeny Bobryshev recovering well after Trentino crash


During his crash in the second race of the MXGP of Trentino, Evgeny Bobryshev was hit from behind whilst on the floor and received a large impact to his lower back. After an initial check-up at the track’s medical centre, he was taken to hospital for further routine checks, but these have now revealed that there is no serious injury.

Demonstrating just how tough he is, Bobby has every intention of returning to action this weekend at the MXGP of Bulgaria.

Evgeny Bobryshev, No.777

"I’m back at home now and my back is still very stiff but otherwise I’m ok. I lost traction coming out the corner and crashed, and as I jumped up a little bit to get back up Jeremy [van Horebeek] touched me with his rear wheel. I watched the video and he couldn’t do anything as he was just a few metres behind me.


I felt lots of pain when it happened and couldn’t breathe for a bit. I tried to get back on the bike but I couldn’t sit on it properly with the pain. I went to the medical centre and then the hospital and they checked me over but all the bones are in one piece. I have some bad scratches on my back though from the tyre.


Now I need to take the next few days off, but I fell today a bit better already. I should be fine for Bulgaria, and I hope to be on the bike training again later this week."

Bobby speaks about Brazil

It wasn’t quite thunderstorms today at the MXGP of Brazil, but rain did play a part in two races, making the Beto Carrero track sticky and deeply rutted and catching yet more riders out.

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Bobryshev recovering after successful surgery

Yesterday, Wednesday 12 March, Team HRC rider Evgeny Bobryshev underwent a successful surgical procedure to repair his damaged ankle. He has had a plate added to his fibula to repair the effects of a past injury that had hindered his speed in both the Motocross Grands Prix of Qatar and Thailand these past two weekends.

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Strong Sunday for Team HRC in Thailand

Evgeny Bobryshev again suffered with the double-hit of his injured ankle and temperatures that reached 40 degrees Celsius. At the race at which the heat really affected him last year, this year was a different story as the Russian finished 11th in race one before an almost superhuman effort to finish fifth in race two, moving up to sixth overall in the World Championship.

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World Championship

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